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GENESIS Introduction

The GEneral NEural SImulation System was designed from the outset to support the biologically realistic modeling of neural systems at levels of scale ranging from subcellular components and biochemical reactions to complex models of single neurons, simulations of large networks, and systems-level models. GENESIS 3 (G-3) is a complete redesign of GENESIS, with a modular plug-in architecture that facilitates the incorporation of new types of model components at any level of scale. This design allows the direct real time interaction or embedding of models (local or remote) at different levels of scale, and also provides a framework for collaborative modeling and software tool development.

This page provides links to a variety of documentation that will help to get you started using GENESIS 3. An overview of the GENESIS software platform design can be found here:

The GENESIS Documentation System

The GENESIS Interactive Shell

The following documents provide useful information about the GENESIS Interactive Shell or G-Shell. They include:

The Python shell and API provided by the SSPy component of GENESIS provides a way to interact using Python. Useful documents include: