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Example Script 1:

Here is a simple example complete with values that you can cut and paste into the G-Shell:

create cell /n  
create segment /n/soma  
model_parameter_add /n/soma Vm_init -0.068  
model_parameter_add /n/soma CM 0.0164  
model_parameter_add /n/soma RM 1.500  
model_parameter_add /n/soma RA 2.500  
model_parameter_add /n/soma ELEAK -0.080  
model_parameter_add /n/soma LENGTH 4.47e-5  
model_parameter_add /n/soma DIA 2e-5  
runtime_parameter_add /n/soma INJECT 2e-9  
output_add /n/soma Vm  
run /n 0.05  

To view output within the G-Shell type

   genesis> sh cat /tmp/output

Note: The model given above is actually a GENESIS script file. It can be cut and pasted to a text file and run from a command line prompt using the command “genesis-g3 <file-name>”.