Advanced Tutorials on Realistic Neural Modeling

This directory (Tutorials/advanced-tutorials) contains supplementary material in the form of Advanced Tutorials and short "Mini-Tutorials" contributed by various authors.


Mini-Tutorial on Voltage Clamp Circuitry Tuning by Mark Nelson and Dave Beeman

Using Parallel GENESIS on PCs with Multicore Processors a Mini-Tutorial by Dave Beeman

Gap Junctions with hsolve a Mini-Tutorial by Carson B. Roberts

Using CVAPP with GENESIS a Mini-Tutorial by Dieter Jaeger

Longer tutorials from the GENESIS website

These are included in the large "Ultimate GENESIS Tutorial Distribution" package from the GENESIS website

Modeling Calcium Concentration and Biochemical Reactions by Avrama Blackwell (From WAM-BAMM 2005 and LASCON 2008)


Simulations with GENESIS using hsolve by Hugo Cornelis (From GUM*02, November 2002)


The following external links are to advanced tutorials given at the GENESIS Users Meetings GUM 2002 and WAM-BAMM 2005

Advanced Tutorials given at WAM-BAMM 2005 (March 31, 2005, San Antonio, TX)

The original slide presentations from the WAM-BAMM 2005 Tutorials, including the Advanced Tutorials, may be seen at

The tutorials include:

Most of these tutorials have been published in article form (both in browseable HTML and downloadable PDF format) in the November 2005 special issue on Realistic Neural Modeling in the electronic journal Brains, Minds, and Media. The Table of Contents for this issue with links to view or download the articles can be found at

Brains, Minds, and Media ( is an open access (free) eJournal for interactive and visual media in the neural and cognitive sciences. The journal provides peer-reviewed articles, software and interactive media for the neural and cognitive sciences with a particular focus on both education and teaching, and research on the relation between brains, minds and media.

Advanced Tutorials given at GUM*02 Nov. 8-10, 2002 San Antonio, TX

The original slides and example files may be found at For the most part, these are earlier versions of tutorials presented at WAM-BAMM 2005 and later meetings.

The tutorials include:

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