The Ultimate GENESIS Tutorial Distribution

This is the July 2014 "CNS 2014" version 1.2 release of a complete self-paced GENESIS modeling course. It contains the new GENESIS 2.4 beta source distribution as well as binary verions of GENESIS 2.3 for various platforms.

Downloading this package provides an easy way to get everything in a single download.

The collection of tutorials and documentation is based on an extended version of the GENESIS Neural Modeling Tutorials package, and includes course material used at several international courses on neural modeling, and other material that has been available as separate downloads from the GENESIS web site. The section "Getting Started With Realistic Neural Modeling" serves as a guide, with suggested exercises for self-paced study. In addition to the GENESIS Reference Manual and Book of GENESIS, it contains several additional GENESIS network simulation scripts and tutorials. The files here are organized in a manner suitable for burning the "UGTD" to a CDROM or memory stick for course use.

Browse the contents of the Ultimate GENESIS Tutorial Distribution, and the included cell and network simulation directories.

Download the tutorial package as:

These have the same contents, and are each about 60 MB in size. This material is all freely distributable under the terms of various GNU licenses, so you are encouraged to copy it and pass it around to anyone who might want to incorporate it into a neuroscience or modeling course, or to give to a student as a start on an independent modeling project.

This version is an updated version of the UGTD that was used in the 2014 Latin American School on Computational Neuroscience ( LASCON), and is being used as course materials for the CNS 2014 GENESIS tutorial. It will become the basis for the final UGTD ver. 1.2, which will be released in November 2014. This release contains the GENESIS 2.4 beta release with recent patches, user contributions, and new capabilities for efficiently implementing synaptic plasticity in large network models. It also contains new well-documented large network models, tutorials, exercises, and Python-based utilities for the visualization and analysis of simulations.

What is biologically realistic neural modeling?

These are introductory lectures on computational neuroscience and realistic neural modeling, illustrated with GENESIS tutorial simulations. There are sections on the Hodgkin-Huxley model and compartmental modeling that might be useful to those who are studying them for the first time, who need some review, or would like to use them in a course. They are included in both the "GENESIS Neural Modeling Tutorials" and "Ultimate GENESIS Tutorial Distribution" packages.

View them here.

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