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Backward Compatibility

G-2 is a complicated software application, therefore being compatible with G-2 is a challenge. Clarity plays an important role in addressing any challenge, so let’s define what we mean with G-2 compatibility.

We currently have nice examples in the ns-sli test specification of G-2 black-box compatibility. For example, given the SLI scripts of the purkinje cell, they produce ascii output files with complex spikes and typical somatic responses to current injections. Some of the output files were generated using G-2 and are used by the regression tester to test the functionality G-3.

GENESIS-3 is fully backward compatible with GENESIS Release 2.3 for all functionality of Tutorial 9–The Purkinje Tutorial. In doing this, backward compatibility supports the major functionalities of the GENESIS Script Language Interpreter.


Importantly, backward compatibility is provided to enable GENESIS 2 scripts to be used in association with the reconfigured GENESIS. It is not designed to extend a pre-existing GENESIS 2 script with new functionality provided by GENESIS 3. Although this may be possible is some cases, the results are not currently guaranteed. Contact GENESIS Support if you require further details.

New Graphic Functionality

Functionality for the graphical objects of the XODUS library is now provided by the Studio and Project Browser in conjunction with the new GENESIS GUI.


Backward compatibility is provided by NS-SLI (the Neurospaces Scripting Language Interpreter).

Functional and Unit Regression Tests

Regression test specification for backward compatibility can be found here.

Recognized GENESIS 2 Commands

abort abs acos addaction
addalias addclass addescape addfield
addforwmsg addglobal addmsg addmsgdef
addobject addtask argc arglist
argv asin atan call
cd ce check chr
clearerrors closefile copy cos
countchar countelementlistcpu create
createmap debug delete deleteaction
deleteall deleteclass deletefield deleteforwmsg
deletemsg deletemsgdef deletetasks disable
echo el enable enddump
eof exists exit exp
findchar findsolvefield floatformat flushfile
gaussian getarg getclock getdate
getdefault getelementlist getfield getfieldnames
getglobal getmsg getpath getstat
h help initdump input
isa le listcommandslistescape
listfiles listglobals listobjects log
logfile max maxerrors maxwarnings
min move msgsubstitutenotes
objsubstitute openfile pope position
pow printargs printenv pushe
putevent pwe quit rand
randseed readcell readfile reclaim
resched reset restore round
save setclock setdefault setenv
setfield setfieldprot setglobal setprompt
setrand setupalpha sh showclocks
showcommandshowfield showmsg showobject
showsched showstat silent simdump
simobjdump simundump sin sqrt
stack step stop strcat
strcmp strlen strncmp strsub
substituteinfo substring swapdump tan
trunc tweakalpha tweaktau useclock
version where writefile

The following commands are also recognized but exhibit a reduced functionality:

addjob debugfuncdeletejob error
gctrace getenv gftrace listactions
listclasses mkdir setmethod
setpriorityshowjobs tset

Unrecognized Commands

The following commands are not backward compatible with GENESIS 2. There are typically three reasons for this:

  1. Commands are obsolete.
  2. Equivalent commands are implemented in the Model Container.
  3. Commands are associated with GENESIS 2 network implementation and control.
asciidata callfunc cellsheet convert
egg file2tab fileconnect gen2spk
genesis getenv getparamGA getsolvechildname
getsolvecompnamegetsyncount getsyndest getsynindex
getsynsrc initparamBF initparamCG initparamGA
initparamSA initparamSS planarconnect planardelay
planardelay2 planarweight planarweight2 plane
randcoord relposition resetsynchanbuffersrotcoord
scaletabchan setmethod setparamGA setpostscript
setrandfield setsearch setupNaCa setupgate
setupghk setuptau shapematch spkcmp
syndelay tab2file volumeconnect volumedelay
volumedelay2 volumeweightvolumeweight2 writecell
xcolorscale xgetstat xps xsimplot

Regression Tests of Specific Functionality

Regression Tests of GENESIS 2 Functionality in Heccer

Regression tests of of the following functions in the Model Container can be found at here.

Regression Tests of Tools

Further Documentation

Further documentation is available in Regression Testing of Backward Compatibility. For the output of regression testing of backward compatibility see here.