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The Project Browser

The Project Browser is a set of modules for the Usermin web server. It allows you to browse projects, inspect, and compare simulation results or other data over a web interface.

The specific aims of the Project Browser are introduced in the presentation given at the model sharing workshop at the CNS*2007 meeting in Toronto.

The Project Browser uses distributed version control mechanisms to physically distribute your project. The coupling to a web server allows you to inspect simulations and compare their results, regardless of location. You can take a look at some Project Browser screenshots.


The project browser comes equipped with commands for creating a project workspace as well as simulation modules. Commands are also provided to save and check work to a version control system.

Directory Structure

Upon creating a project, the Project Browser creates a directory structure for storing all aspect of your simulation and results.

YAML descriptor files are located in the top level directory as well as in each sub directory, allowing a user to edit all aspects of the project. By default project directories are created in:


however this can be configured to your liking.