GENESIS and its graphical front-end XODUS are written in C and are known to run under many UNIX-based systems with the X Window System (X11R5 or X11R6), as well as OSX and Windows with Cygwin. Here is a partial list of platforms tested under GENESIS 2.3:

It is quite likely that GENESIS will also work on systems running other versions of the operating systems listed above; however, the GENESIS developers only have direct experience with the particular systems listed.

GENESIS may *fail* to work on DEC Alpha-based systems. Please let us know of any experiences with this platform.

GENESIS has in the past worked on the following systems, but the developers do not have these systems available for full testing and have not been able to adequately verify that GENESIS 2.3 compiles and runs properly:

We welcome feedback on experiences with these platforms. If you attempt to use GENESIS on these systems and have problem reports (or even better, fixes), please contact the GENESIS maintainers.


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