Acquiring GENESIS

We have made the current release of GENESIS (ver. 2.3, March 17, 2006) available from the GENESIS web site: You may also use this link to browse the GENESIS archives.

The GENESIS source distribution contains full source code and documentation, as well as a large number of tutorial and example simulations. Documentation for these tutorials is included along with online GENESIS help files and the hypertext GENESIS Reference Manual. In addition to the full GENESIS distribution with source code, precompiled binary versions for Linux, Mac OS/X, and Windows with Cygwin are also available. These contain all the contents of the source distribution, except for the source code.

The latest version of Parallel GENESIS (PGENESIS 2.3) is also available. PGENESIS is designed to allow researchers to run simulations faster on parallel hardware; it supports both running simulations of large networks on multiple processors, and running many simulations concurrently (e.g., for parameter searching). It should run on almost any parallel cluster, SMP, supercomputer, or network of workstations where MPI and/or PVM is supported, and on which serial GENESIS itself is runnable. Further information about PGENESIS may be obtained from the file README.pgenesis at this site, and from the hypertext documentation in the PGENESIS distribution.

Be sure to download or view the files LATEST.NEWS and README for information about new features of the current GENESIS version, the files on the system, and installation instructions.

Any other questions about the system or its distribution should be sent to


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