Documentation for GENESIS installation:

GENESIS 2.4beta edition

The new (July 2014) GENESIS 2.4 beta release source code has now been included here as


The latest detailed installation instructions are in the genesis/src/README file. Mac users: Be sure to read Section 7.1 and offer us your feedback on compiling XODUS with Mac OS X.

The installation instructions for the source version 2.3 below will be correct, but with the name "genesis-2.4beta" in place of "genesis-2.3". The 2.4beta release has been tested on recent Ubuntu and Fedora Linux distributions. We welcome feedback on any issues with MacOS or other Linux distributions. Compiled binary versions will be available for the November 2014 final GENESIS 2.4 release.

GENESIS 2.3 Documentation and files

README_GENESIS.html - An updated version of the README file from the GENESIS 2.3 distribution, with instructions for installation.

README_cygin.html - Information on using GENESIS under Windows with Cygwin.

Mini-Tutorial on installing GENESIS with Cygwin - A quick guide that has been updated to reflect changes in Cygwin packaging since the original README files were written.

README.pgenesis.html - Information about PGENESIS (GENESIS) for parallel computers

The PGENESIS hypertext documentation - contains the contents of pgenesis/Hyperdoc from pgenesis-2.3.1-src.tar.gz

GENESIS 2.3 binary distributions in gzipped tar format:

genesis-2.3-Linux-bin.tar.gz - Pre-compiled binary for Linux

genesis-2.3-Cygwin-bin.tar.gz - Pre-compiled binary for Windows with Cygwin

genesis-2.3-MacOSXDarwin-bin.tar.gz - For Mac OS/X on Power PC systems

genesis-2.3-MacOSX-Intel-bin.tar.gz - For Mac OS/X on Intel i386 systems.

pgenesis-2.3.1-src.tar.gz - Additional files for installing Parallel GENESIS (PGENESIS). Note that the GENESIS source distribution must also be installed to use PGENESIS.

GENESIS Contact Information

The GENESIS 2 web site is

The Sourceforge genesis-sim-users mailing list is the best means of obtaining individualized help with GENESIS 2 or 3. You may subscribe at Please report any problems or experiences using GENESIS to the user forums at the sourceforge site at, or to the genesis-sim-users mailing list. Note that some of the older GENESIS distribution README files mention ftp and email addresses that may no longer function.

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