Installing GENESIS with Cygwin under Windows

This Mini-Tutorial on installing GENESIS with Cygwin under Windows was contributed by Avrama Blackwell at George Mason University.

Both the full GENESIS source distribution (genesis-2.3-src.tar.gz) and the binary distrubution for use with Cygwin (genesis-2.3-Cygwin-bin.tar.gz) contain a file "README.bindist". This has a section on installing GENESIS under Windows, using Cygwin to provide a UNIX-like environment to run GENESIS and other UNIX programs that have been compiled to run under Cygwin. The source distribution also contains the file "README.cygwin" with additional information on compiling GENESIS for Cygwin, and some other notes regarding the use of Cygwin. The Mini-Tutorial below gives a concise description of the steps required, and has been updated to reflect changes in packaging since the original README files were written.


from the Windows Start menu, click on Cygwin-X, then on xterm. This will bring up the xterm window, without the plain Cygwin window.

Installing GENESIS

Open a web browser in Windows and go to

From the "Get GENESIS" link at the left, choose "View all releases" and then download genesis-2.3-Cygwin-bin.tar.gz.

Put it into /usr/local (name of unix directory), or c:\cygwin\usr\local (if working in Windows and c:\cygwin was specified above as the root directory)

Start cygwin by clicking on the desktop icon.

Working in the xterm, type:

    cd /usr/local
    tar -xvzf genesis-2.3-Cygwin-bin.tar.gz

To test the installation, open an xterm window (not the Cygwin window) as described above, and type:

    cd /usr/local/genesis-2.3/genesis
    cp .simrc ~
    cd Scripts/Squid
    ../../genesis Squid

If you see the monitor filled with graphs and multi-color panels, then it is working!

Please report any problems or experiences using GENESIS 2.3 under Cygwin to the user forums at, or to the genesis-sim-users mailing list.