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Characterization of Tasks in Neuroscience Research

This list consists of my impressions of tasks that you perform in your research. The tasks are not listed in any specific order and depending on what your specific research might be, it may include all or some of the items listed below in a number of varying permutations. I am hoping that through your feedback I will be able to understand what some of those permutations might be.

The purpose of this list is two-fold. Firstly it is to verify that my impressions of what you do is correct. Secondly it is to give you an opportunity to CONFIDENTIALLY respond to my observations. This means NO ONE will be able to read the responses except the surveyor. And even then the identity of the person who wrote the response can be kept completely anonymous if desired. Please realize that you do not have to answer every question in the survey- only those parts that interest you. In particular I am interested in getting responses about the diagram below.

Since the GENESIS database will likely include some form of hypertext interface, I thought it might be a good idea to get you accustomed to hypertext by using Xmosaic (this program) rather than gopher to present this information. You will notice that some text items below are underlined. These underlined items can be selected (by pointing and clicking with the left mouse button) to display more detailed information about the item. Since Xmosaic is heavily networked based, selecting any item will cause it to connect to a remote computer to access the required information for display. In this case the information you are reading is all stored at the University of Illinois at Chicago. This is just to forewarn you that if Xmosaic takes a little while to respond, it is likely to be because of heavy network traffic.

The diagram below shows the tasks listed above and the data that flows between them. This graph does NOT show the order in which tasks are done. The numbers in the graph are intended to label data that is being transfered (electronically, manually, or mentally) between tasks; they may be used to augment your explanations in your survey responses.

Give me an idea of how you combine these individual tasks in your research (that is, what is the order in which you perform these tasks).

What do you think about this hypertext survey?