Book of GENESIS - Internet Edition

The Book of GENESIS (J. M. Bower and D. Beeman, The Book of GENESIS: Exploring Realistic Neural Models with the GEneral NEural SImulation System, Second edition, Springer-Verlag, New York (1998)) is now out of print. As the publisher does not plan to reprint the book, the copyright has been reclaimed by the authors, and we are now able to offer it to be downloaded from the internet at no cost.

Neither publishers nor authors make much money producing and selling printed copies of highly specialized technical books such as The Book of GENESIS. We feel that with a free distribution over the internet, we will reach a much wider audience, particularly for use in neuroscience education. This will also allow us to make incremental updates and improvements without the need for new editions or new printings.

This "Internet Edition" consists of the original text of the 1998 second edition, available either as a set of postscript files or Portable Document Format (PDF) files with an HTML index page. If there is sufficient interest, we may later produce a hypertext version with links to GENESIS simulations, additional tutorials, and material from the GENESIS Reference Manual.

The original CDROM that accompanied the printed edition has been replaced by an updated version based on an extended version of the GENESIS Neural Modeling Tutorials package. This contains other tutorials, the Book of GENESIS, GENESIS 2.3 source and binary distributions, and additional GENESIS network simulation scripts taken from the archives of BABEL, the GENESIS Users Group. A "Getting Started With Realistic Neural Modeling" guide has been added to this extended Tutorials package, with suggested exercises for self-paced study. More information about the Ultimate GENESIS Tutorial Distribution can be found on the GENESIS web site.

These are the Portable Document Format (PDF) files for "The Book of GENESIS". They may be viewed with either Adobe Acrobat Reader or xpdf, although Acrobat Reader seems to do a better job of rendering the equations:

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These are the postscript files for "The Book of GENESIS", suitable for printing on a postscript printer, or viewing with a viewer such as ghostview:

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