BABEL - The GENESIS Users Group

Due to the large number of requests for GENESIS, we are only able to provide limited help or support for those who acquire GENESIS through the GENESIS web site. Therefore, we strongly encourage serious users of GENESIS to join the GENESIS Users Group (BABEL) mailing list "genesis-sim-users", and to make use of the user forums at the Sourceforge GENESIS development site:

How to subscribe

In order to subscribe to the mailing list, go to the web page at

and enter the address from which you will post and receive email, and a password of your choice.

Note that this is a change from the previous procedure for joining BABEL before the mailing list was moved to Sourceforge.

Although it is not required, the GENESIS development team would like to know something about your intended or present use of GENESIS.

Although this description need not be lengthy, please try to be as specific as possible in your statement of what types of models you intend to construct with GENESIS. If you have used GENESIS in teaching or research in the past, we would like to hear about it, with references for any publications or conference papers related to your use of GENESIS. This will not only help us in obtaining grants to support the continued development of GENESIS, but will enable other GENESIS users to share information and ideas with those who have similar modeling interests.

This information may be submitted either as a post to the mailing list, to introduce yourself, or as a submission to the "Genesis2-Open Discussion" forum at